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Margaret Thatcher

Posted by michael on April 9, 2013

These left wing supporters have a very good reason for despising Margaret Thatcher! If it had not been for her then the UK could easily have become a socialist state and I believe strongly that we would now be controlled by an un-elected government, or be a country with ‘fixed’ elections. (like so many socialist states around the world!).
That was the agenda for many in the left-wing and they were using the Labour party to try to get control over us all.
We now see trade union leaders following the fat cat bankers by giving themselves huge salaries and pensions and all sorts of benefits – and behaving exactly like the bankers the unions so despise! (that doesn’t mean that they no longer want to run the country!) Thanks Maggie, You were a very important person in the history of the UK. I just hope that there will always be someone to keep the UK from being controlled by anyone other than (fairly) elected governments!

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Armstrong doping scandal

Posted by michael on October 22, 2012

The accusations made by the cycling authorities are quite staggering. The point I want to make is that the cycling authorities must have, in my view, been completely a waste of time and money!

All those years with organised doping going on under their noses and, apparently, no clue of any cheating! I find this as difficult to accept as the doping that was apparently going on!

Were there no tests of the riders in and out of competition? Were tests undertaken that did not work and are just not worth bothering with?

Have we all been fooled that all sporting activities are clean? Is the same problem in all sports?

Perhaps sanctions should be considered against all the officials in the cycling management body. Perhaps they will all feel that resigning from their posts would be an honorable thing to do!

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the Lib Dems and the coalition

Posted by michael on August 6, 2012

The Libdems are talking about separating themselves from the Conservatives at the next election.
If they did that then they would risk losing almost all of their seats! What they are now doing is right for the UK with the difficult financial state of the UK (because of the awful mismanagement of the economy by Labour and the massive debts that Labour incurred for us all to pay back).
UKIP are making a mistake if they stand as an anti-EU party. I agree with the sentiments but if they actually get some support from the voters then UKIP would be responsible for getting Labour back into power.
And if Labour get back into power they will sign the UK into the EU without a vote of the people of the UK. Labour would not allow a democratic vote to get in the way of them putting the UK into the EU.
In my view that is why Blair has returned to UK politics. He has an ambition to be the boss of the EU!

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Milliband – a leader with a failed record in government

Posted by michael on July 9, 2012

Why does the BBC give so much air time and credibility to Milliband?

Is it part of the BBC’s obvious campaigning to support the Labour party?

Milliband is a failed politician – the last Labour government wrecked our economy and it is going to take many years to even get back to the ‘Golden Inheritance’ that the last Labour government inherited, let alone improve the economy!

Yet the BBC treats him as though he knows what he is talking about despite his record in government indicating, in my view, that he does not!

In my view everyone in the last Labour government should not be allowed back into government!

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Socialist governments always fail!

Posted by michael on May 7, 2012

Socialist governments are like lemmings – they are only capable of spending other peoples money and it always runs out leaving the people of the country in dire financial straits.

We had 14 years of Labour that ruined the economy of the UK  but memories are so short that mostly the same Labour shadow cabinet that almost bankrupted the UK economy is now seen as capable of making everything OK again.

Why?? It doesn’t make any sense! The last Conservative government before Blair and the ruinous 14 years of Labour, worked wonders with the UK economy.

Blair came into power with the ‘Golden Inheritance’ from the Conservatives and kept the same economic policies as the Conservatives had for nearly 5 years.

Why? Because they worked!! Then their socialist instincts took over and they started their ruinous spending spree and when they ran out of cash they started to borrow.

That is why the UK economy is in the appalling state that it is!

The Conservatives are getting attacked because they have the task of cleaning up Labour’s mess. People may not like some of the actions that they have taken but that is no reason to go back to having Labour in power. We know that they will fail. We know that they will sign us up into the Euro.

The UK has a fair chance of ending up in a serious recession just because of the appalling way in which Labour ran our economy for many years. To bring Labour back into power would, in my view, guarantee the UK going into recession.

We might not be well off as a country now but if we end up with an economy being controlled by the IMF then people really will suffer. Just look at what Greece and Ireland are going through!!!

It is a fallacy to believe that ‘soaking the rich’ would make any real difference at all. Again a consequence of 14 years of a Labour government, the rich are able to move money abroad, be paid abroad and manipulate their finances to legally minimize tax.

These financial dealings that benefit the rich have gone too far! People do object strongly to what is simply legal tax avoidance. It is not right that the rich can benefit in this way. There have always been ways for companies and the rich to minimize tax. But this ‘legal’ tax avoidance has gone too far. But, again, the huge increase in people avoiding tax legally, is a consequence of the 14 years of Labour in power!

It didn’t become a problem just because the Conservatives became the government!

I would like to see all the cabinet and the shadow cabinet come clean about any tax avoidance schemes that they are using to minimize their tax payments to the UK.

I would like to see the Trade Union bosses doing the same. After all they ‘own’ the Labour government and have given themselves massive pay rises recently and various benefits. They strongly influence UK politics and it would be interesting to see how much of their members donations are spent on perks and  politics.

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Bank of England governor should have shouted warnings

Posted by michael on May 3, 2012

The Bank of England governor says that they should have done more to prevent the economic policies of the last Labour government from bring the UK economy to its knees!

Unfortunately we also had an economic illiterate  government which appeared to have little understanding of how to run a country.

How any government could believed that simply spending money and incurring such massive debts was actually a credible economic policy is beyond me.

Labour must have had so many warnings from the civil servants and the government advisers and completely ignored them all.

In my view their actions bordered on criminal negligence!

Yet the majority of the labour ministers are now in the shadow cabinet and are actively campaigning against the economic measures required to sort out the mess the UK economy is in.

Does Labour like the idea that most people in the UK are suffering from the economic policies required to sort out their mess? Or are they so controlled by the unions, who after all own the Labour party, that they are not allowed to approve of financial policies that are designed to fix the UK economy abut but would reduce the standards of living for the union members?

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Olympics – cheats CAN prosper!

Posted by michael on April 30, 2012

This judgment on allowing cheats to participate in the Olympics will be bad news for all decent, honest sportsmen and women.

I believe that it will be the end of the Olympic movement if it is allowed to continue.

What value will the Olympics have if those wining the events have built up their bodies using various illegal drugs?

There is no point in decent and honest sportsmen and women going through the immense effort in training just to be somewhere down the finishing order in their events.

The cheats who have taken the drugs now have developed  bodies using these drugs and will win their events. They may not need to take any more drugs now they have enhanced their bodies for sports events.

The only people who will now bother to go through the effort of training will be those who are prepared to build up their bodies using illegal drugs.

This may be the last Olympics, unless a way is found to ban drug cheats from participating. Yes, athletes can make mistakes and take banned substances by accident. But the professional cheats take performance enhancing drugs deliberately and these people need to be banned from all amateur sporting events for life! Or at least as long as their bodies are enhanced by the drugs that they take!

In the future Professional sports will be the province of those who have taken performance enhancing drugs! There is no place for the Olympics in the world of professional sports!

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Milliband and Prime Minister’s question time

Posted by michael on April 25, 2012

Another pathetic performance by Milliband! I don’t believe that any opposition leader has ever had such an open goal to aim at with the state of our economy!

Yet Milliband is unable to capitalize on it.

The real problem that Milliband has is that Labour actually caused the financial problems that the UK is suffering from!!

So everytime Milliband, or any Labour MP, stands up to loudly criticize Cameron and the Conservatives, they are actually criticizing themselves and the inept Labour government which was last in power and which had left the UK economy in such a total mess!

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New Labour logo

Posted by michael on April 17, 2012

I have just seen the new Labour logo. It includes the phrase ‘with you in tough times’.

Nice of them to continually remind people that it was Labour who brought us the bad times!!!  

I don’t know how many of the Labour shadow cabinet will actually be with us in these ‘tough times’. I thought that most of them were millionaires or married to millionaires!!!!!!

And of course most of the Trade Union leaders (who own the Labour party) seem to be very, very well off themselves.

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millionaires and charity donations

Posted by michael on April 17, 2012

There is a lot of fuss about charity donations by millionaires.

The facts are that these millionaires are using these ‘charitable’ donations to significantly reduce the amount of tax that they are paying.

The charities are gaining money that they would not otherwise have but the people of the UK are losing out because the amount of tax being collected is reduced.

It must be cheaper to collect the full tax due to these millionaires and pay a percentage out to the charities!

At the moment we, the public, are all paying those donations because we have to pay more tax!

I don’t think that it is right that charities are complaining about UK millionaires being forced to pay full taxation.

Mostly everyone else in the UK has to pay what is due without any fancy book keeping to reduce the amount due!

Yes the charities gain BUT we all lose – except these millionaires who gain more .

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